Nearly 99% of all classic MiniDiscs cases in the circulation,
can you not put a album cover.

But fortunately, with modern MiniDisc cases, produced in design of
Compact Disc is now possible!

You make first by homepage of this site own album cover, then print this,
after the print cut MD cover, now fold sides and insertion MiniDisc cover into the case

So, you have now your MD album at hand, and now know you what song at
playing is.

Important Tips

  Using photo or upload from web  
If you will a photo directly from the Internet for MiniDisc cover,
follow these instructions:
(use Web browser of Google Chrome for this)

A - Search first the picture on the internet
B - Click on the photo with right mouse button
C - Select "Inspect element"
D - Click on window below the middle portion of selected the text (text under line)
E - Now copy the URL code / text
F - Paste URL code / text on home page of this site in box: "add photo artist"
G - Click now "Save"

For the best MiniDisc cover need you copy paper of 200 or 250 grams
to have in your printer. .

  Folding side MiniDisc cover  
Frontside MD cover has two, and backside MD cover has one folded edge.
Before you start folding, move ruler to fold line and then pull a soft scratch with
the aid of knife point, and fold now carefully inwards.

  Save as PDF  
You can a MiniDisc cover save as PDF file for your archives or for later printing.
You must have a printer that connected is your computer where you now MiniDisc cover make.
(use Web browser of Google Chrome for this)

A - When you're ready with making MiniDisc cover at home page of this site, click on "Print" button.
B - In this print window, click the Destination "Change"
C - Choose "Save as PDF"
D - You can now save the MiniDisc cover as a PDF document

  Color advice  
By making of MiniDisc cover you can using various colors. We recommend for the side of cover (the folding part where artist name and album name will be) to choose a dark color. If you do not want a picture on the backside cover, choose then by this table a light color, so that your songs remains readable.